Everybody knows why you might need a nanny, but what about temporary nannies? There are just as many reasons to hire a temporary nanny but it seems to be much less well understood. Here’s the Elite Nanny Company top ten list of reasons to opt for a temporary nanny:

  1. Travelling – whether you travel for work or pleasure, a temporary nanny can make every journey easier and more enjoyable. Not only do they relieve the strain of travelling with children but they also give your children that little extra care and attention that makes the trip memorable for the right reasons.
  2. Illness or injury – we’ve placed temporary nannies in families where Mum has broken her toe, where Dad’s having surgery or where the family nanny has had to go home for a couple of weeks to look after a relative who’s ill.
  1. Holidays – sometimes your regular nanny can’t or doesn’t want to, join you on holiday. On such occasions a temporary nanny placement is the ideal solution. Parents get to relax, children get professional childcare and everybody has more fun!
  1. Parties – weddings and anniversaries, graduations and big family gatherings … these are all great opportunities to hire a temporary nanny to provide that valuable extra focus on the children at a time when adults want to have fun and little ones can either feel left out or start to act out.
  1. New baby – there are few more valuable times to engage a temporary nanny than when you’re expecting another baby. It gives your older child a chance to have all the one-to-one attention they deserve at such a special time and gives you a chance to relax and enjoy birth and the arrival of your newborn without fearing that you are neglecting the rest of the family.
  1. In between childcare – hiring a nanny is a serious business and it can take a while to find just the right person to fit in with your family. But that’s not a reason to be without quality childcare: a temporary nanny can bridge the gap when you’re making new childcare arrangements.
  1. New home – if we could persuade mums to take on a temporary nanny in only one circumstance, this would probably be the one. Moving house is so stressful, and everybody becomes unsettled. This is the ideal moment to give your child the chance to have the stability and structure that a temporary nanny can bring.
  1. Visiting family/friends – not all of us are lucky enough to have family living locally, and this can mean that getting everybody together turns into a big deal. A temporary nanny can help ensure children don’t become either overwhelmed or feel left out.
  1. Christmas/Eid/Hanukkah – cultural events are wonderful opportunities to bring your family closer together and create unforgettable memories. A temporary nanny allows you to really enjoy every minute of these special days, without stress or distractions.
  1. Work/life balance – perhaps the most underrated reason to choose a temporary nanny is when you realise that your work/life balance is out of whack. A temporary nanny gives you a chance to get things back in trim.

If any of these reasons ring true for you, then why not call us today, to find the perfect temporary nanny for your needs?

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